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Driving digital evolution

We are part of Lyvia Group, a conglomerate of companies specialised in software services and creative consultancy in Europe.

Lyvia was founded in 2020 with the vision of creating a universe where the customer could find the best providers for any digital solution throughout their digital ecosystem.

Drawing on our entrepreneurial experiences, we brought together leading competencies in technology, business and digitisation from the Nordic region and got to work.

In less than a year, we expanded our operations and currently have a presence across the entire continent.

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Continuous business growth

We seek to innovate the digital future with enduring technological solutions.
Recurso 6

Spanish companies within the group 

The Spanish companies within the group include Antartyca (15+ years of experience in SAP consulting, implementation projects, and comprehensive technology and innovation services), Controlnet (a leader in management solutions for TELCO and Distribution), Mercanza (Spain's number one in business intelligence solutions using Qlik technology
across all business areas), and inaCátalog (commercial solutions that increase sales and reduce costs and errors).
Building Bridges
We consolidate our alliance, strengthening in-person interaction to mutually empower each other.
José Antonio Enguix  (CEO inaCátalog) & Sebastian Karlsson (CEO Lyvia Group).
Lyvia Spain Winter Workshop

Lyvia Spain Winter Workshop held at inaCátalog's offices on 7/2/2024.

Lyvia Meet 2023
Lyvia Meet held in Stockholm in September 2023.
Lyvia Meet 2023
José Antonio Enguix (CEO); Alex Dima (Senior Business Consultant) & Javier Soblechero (Chief Sales Officer) at Lyvia Meet 2023.


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