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Advantages for:

Increasing sales in Industry

> Check stock on hand, stock to be received and stock to be served

> Powerful search engine for articles and barcode reader

> Consultative sales: quotes on dynamic catalogues by type of customer, activity, ...

> Multimedia material of the articles: technical data sheets, safety data sheets, videos, 3Ds, ...

> Crosselling, Upselling, unlimited promotions, pack offers, displays, ...

> Reporting: needs assessment, visit, GPV, campaign, incident, competition, etc.

> Listing and management of collections: creation of receipts

> Orders integrated with your invoicing programme (ERP)

>  Sales targets, KPIs and statistics
> Solutions that integrate Microsoft Business Intelligence
> Being used in 12 languages, in 104 different countries to increase sales in the health and wellness

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Aumentar las ventas en Industria
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To increase their sales in Industry