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Sales force

The ultimate tool for the sales force. Sell like never before,
wherever you are.

Sales Management

The perfect commercial scorecard for commercial managers. Take the best strategic decision in each situation.

Marketing Management

Know the performance of your marketing pieces
and get more and better information from the sales department to define your campaigns

Vende más y de forma fácil
Reduce costes y ahorra tiempo
Multiplataforma y multi-idioma
Gestiona tus clientes y equipo comercial
Estés donde estés
Con toda la seguridad
  • Venta rápida
    Venta rápida

    Rapid, easy and strategic sales

    inaCátalog makes complex sales work much easier because it thinks for you and foresees your requirements with multi-media materials, related products, crossovers, sizes and colours… Selling was never as easy as this.

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  • Visitas comerciales
    Visitas comerciales

    Efficient sales visits

    Accessible and intuitive browsing allows you to show your catalogue flexibly and make quotes and take orders in seconds. Sales can be increased and objectives achieved more quickly because your agents are capable of visiting more clients a day.

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  • Encuentra clientes
    Encuentra clientes

    Find clients with a click

    Locate clients and opportunities easily with the geo-localiser. Manage them in an effective way gaining access to all necessary information from anywhere. Addresses, contact details, observations and history always available to you.

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  • Planifica la agenda
    Planifica la agenda

    Plan your team's agenda

    Improve the management of your sales agents with the sales agenda of inaCátalog. With visits to clients planned your salespeople will only have to get out to sell and fulfil objectives. All the month’s tasks and more functions at a glance.

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  • Gestiona los cobros
    Gestiona los cobros

    Manage your receivables unpaid and paid

    The management of receivables on route allows you to monitor this fundamental part of the business wherever you are. Supervise with a single click the unpaid and paid receivables in real time, the dates and the amounts. It is that easy and effective at the same time.

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inaCátalog moves with you

Choose a solid and reliable product for your company which is capable of innovating each day so that you can enjoy the latest sales technology. inaCátalog is the sales management app which helps companies to boost their sales throughout the world. Every day, thousands of salespeople establish quotes, take orders and operations in twelve languages and in over a hundred countries



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