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We put a complete sales and sales management system in your hands with all the techniques and resources that your company needs to be the best. Much more than just a catalogue. Much more than a sales management software.



La mejor herramienta comercial
  • An advanced centre

    An advanced centre statistics and management centre

    Transform every click into useful information, analyse data and indicators in real time, make strategic sales decision-making easier. Take advantage of a valuable information source for Sales and Marketing departments.

  • Advanced sales management

    Advanced sales management Plan routes, agendas, warnings and objectives

    Manage and organise your sales force with advanced sales management tools: sales agenda, reporting in situ, sales routes, monitoring of KPI objectives, warnings and much more.

  • Synchronised channels

    Synchronised channels and immediate updating

    Synchronised work and sales channels in order to get updated information immediately with a single click. The entire sales force will work with correct data and correct prices always. Unify efforts and reduce tasks!

  • More sale units with a single click

    More sale units with a single click Promotions, offers, sizes and colours...

    Take advantage of advanced sales techniques: related sales, cross-selling, promotional techniques as offers, discounts and promotions, special prices and multiple prices per type of product and client, management of sizes and colours…

  • The most advanced technology

    The most advanced technology for specific needs

    An ongoing sales innovation process. We develop specific solutions and ad-hoc customizations on demand in order to help you to be the best. Ask about our services obligation-free!


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