• Faster sales

    Sell more, more quickly and on all channels

    Every detail of inaCátalog is designed to help you multiply your sales and optimise results effectively and with flexibility. You can sell and manage sales networks, fairs, events and points of sale.

    All the channels are synchronised with the same tool!

  • Save time and expenses

    Optimise time and costs Improve your sales results

    Shorter sales visits and orders automatically integrated in your company.  Shorter sales visits and orders automatically integrated in your company. Right from the the first day you will be able to reduce your sales cycle, paperwork, samples, administrative work and stock.

    Updating and distributing your digital catalogue among your salespeople is free and instantaneous.


    Offline and online system Always available to you

    Combine the best of the offline and online sales systems. It always works, you work faster and you can operate anywhere without requiring an internet connection.

    Information and functionality are always available!


    CRM and sales all the advantages in a single click

    Managing the relationship with clients allows you to better understand their behaviour and foresee their needs. You can find clients easily with the geo-localiser, review the key information on their cards, focus on objectives and report on sales visits in situ.

    Total effectiveness!


    Efficient sales team agenda and reporting in situ

    inaCátalog helps you to better organise your sales staff and to optimise results with the agenda, reporting in situ and the monitoring of sales objectives. Analysing and managing the sales information recorded on the devices is easy thanks to the automatic integration.

All advantages with inaCátalog

The inaCátalog control panel provides valuable information to Management.

It allows you to analyse in real time the data collected by the agents and their devices and to view them in statistics. This makes it easier for the people responsible to take correct decisions and contributes to the global improvement of the company.

Your company improves

Combines simplicity and effectiveness with the sales system and inaCátalog sales management to perfection.

The accessible and intuitive browsing makes optimum user experience easier. Everything works with just a few clicks: updated catalogues, prices and correct clients, quotes, orders and integrated reports.

Result: a sales process which flows!

An easy system to use and to implement

You have all the sales and marketing techniques at a single click to sell in an advanced and automatic manner, according to the needs of each company, client and channel.

Promotions and discounts, multiple prices, multimedia material, related and crossover products, sales by size and colours…

Strategic sale

The world of sales requires the maximum security and for this reason inaCátalog is a secure sales app which takes maximum care of your information and that of your customers.

We guarantee you encrypted data, always under control under any circumstances.

Information security

The sales process becomes more flexible because it allows you to reduce administrative tasks and stock, to serve the client earlier and shorten the sales cycle. InaCátalog also integrates data and reports on your CRM, SAT or Business Intelligence system.

Programme integrated with SAGE, SAP and NAVISION among others.

See ERP's
Automatic ERP integration

If you have international sales teams everything continues to be as easy, because with inaCátalog you have your sales catalogue in twelve languages including Chinese and Russian.

Strengthen your brand and sell around the world irrespective of the country, the language, the currency or time zone!

Strengthen your brand image

inaCátalog is a sales app for people developed by people.

We offer you personalised attention and support, initial consultation, advice and ongoing innovation. We aim to deliver the application ready to use for your total convenience.

Guarantee of success

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