inaCátalog Mobility Sales is used in 100 countries!

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That's right, inaCátalog Mobility Sales is already used in 100 countries! Good news for us and for our customers, because together we are increasingly international.

Business mobility is to be able to sell anywhere and when it comes to sales, the fewer barriers we find the more sales we'll get, hence our app for sales men works in 12 different languages, including Chinese and Russian, two main languages in current export situation. Furthermore, switching from one language to another is extremely easy and quick: 1, 2, 3 clicks... and go!

You already know that you can find an international section in our website with an interactive map that reflects the countries where our bussiness mobility solution is used. This map is increasing day after day thanks to our customers: they are growing and we love to know that we comply our mission, which is helping businesses to sell more, anywhere, in a fast and secure way.

Thank you for trusting inaCátalog!