Why you should add mobility to your 2018 sales action plan

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We are in the last month of the year, a time when companies think about their objectives for 2018. Every business relies on sales, but at times this course is neglected when trying to resolve crises that may emerge, and the main goals are left unattained. In order to prevent this, it is important to outline a powerful sales action plan that establishes common guidelines and goals. 

What is a sales action plan? It is a document that contains the goals of the sales department and the actions for attaining them. In addition, a complete strategic sales plan will also be of help when overcoming the challenges of the sales department and achieving success.

There are several ways to draft a strategic sales action plan, but there are three key items to prepare them: having a good understanding of the product, knowing our market and the competition, and establishing a methodology and goals for our sales force.

Once we have this data we will be able to start defining the goals that the department should achieve (or exceed). Second, we will have to establish the strategies and actions that we are going to carry out in order to achieve them. The next step will be determining tasks and assign persons in charge. Lastly, implementing and reviewing it as the year passes. It is recommended to review it at the end of each quarter, or at the very least once every semester, in order to find out what we are doing right, what we are doing wrong, and how we can remediate it.

One of the constant challenges of the sales department is facilitating sales efforts on the streets, and in order to accomplish that, technology is a big ally. Including mobility in your sales action plan you will save time in team management and will avoid unproductive managerial actions.

Advantages of including mobility tools to your sales action plan


  • Increasing sales efficacy and number of visits

Sales force mobility solutions allow sales representatives to have useful information at the time of the sale, such as promotions, discounts, multimedia, related products, sale by sizes and colours… This will avoid a dependency on the central offices and will allow them to cover a larger number of visits per day.

  • Improving sales processes

Mobile devices allow you to sell more, faster and through any channel. It will no longer be necessary to contact, or report to, the company via calls or through phones in order to place an order, or wait to get home. The operation can be performed in real-time, avoiding unnecessary errors and formalities.

In summary, a higher agility will be attained, and times will also be reduced across all sales processes.

  • Enhancing the user experience

This new way of presenting the product through the use of an interactive catalogue allows the user experience to be enhanced and provides an added value to the visit. The result is a flowing sales process.

  • Integrating CRM Tablet and Sales

Marketing and sales tools and the use of the CRM Tablet enable a better knowledge of customers’ behaviours in order to foresee their needs. They contain key information about each customer that may be accessed at any time and allows to do sales reports anywhere and anytime.

  • Saving costs and time

Large amounts of information on paper are eliminated and unified on a single mobile platform, which additionally implies cost savings in material and a higher comfort for sellers.  

  • Achieving greater motivation for sellers

By improving seller organisation and optimising results thanks to reporting, tracking of sales goals and other functions, the productivity of your teams will also increase. In the long term, this translates into a more motivated department.

In a market that is increasingly competitive, and in such an ever-changing actual environment, where it is becoming harder and harder to attract new consumers and retain the existing ones, it is becoming increasingly necessary for the companies to stay updated and take advantage of the resources which are better tailored to their interests and audience.

In this regard, mobile technologies and CRM software allow your enterprise not only to efficiently manage the relationship with your customers, but also to take profit of the various features that they offer, whose purpose is to improve your team’s day-to-day and your company’s results.


Main advantages of CRM Tablet in your business

  1. Monitoring: real-time data intelligence records every move and associates it with a specific moment, terminal and user. In this way, it is easier to analyse the data collected by agents and their devices, visualise them in statistics and properly manage results. A valuable source for Marketing and Sales teams that may facilitate decision making and stablishing strategic plans.
  2. Geolocation: this system allows customers to be easily found and outline the best route for the seller before his day starts by an optimised agenda setting.
  3. Organisation and updating: the inaCátalog’s CRM Tablet makes it easier to link the day planner with the reports of each representative and the full customer sheet. In addition, it allows KPI goals to be monitored, and provides notifications and other features to be always in touch with what is happening. Even without internet connection.
  4. Maximum security: encrypted data, always under control and under every circumstance. Access to this information is restricted to specific terminals and users.
  5. Improves tracking via sales reports:reports are essential in order to achieve a rigorous, effective and organised tracking. By using online CRM tools, reports can be made whenever and wherever you desire obtaining, as a result, a better feedback.
  6. Advanced sale:technology enables an efficient use of advanced sales techniques (upselling and cross-selling, promotions, special prices…) by showing related products and special offers.
  7. Innovation:your business will stay up to date and take advantage of technologies in order to stand out among its competitors. Also, with those tools customers will see you as an innovative company always trying to improve.

As you can see, there are many advantages to adding a mobility solution to your sales action plan, and to using CRM Tablet and tools which incorporate Business Intelligence. All of these functionalities are targeted at optimising sales through the use of more intuitive systems and orders that are integrated with your company’s ERP.

Would you like to optimise your sales with the best mobility tools? Ask for a free inaCátalog demo and start selling like never before.