Why you need to align your marketing team with your sales team

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There has always been a certain difficulty with getting the efforts of the marketing and the sales teams in line. You just need to take a look at the figures – according to the State of Inbound 2017 report by Hubspot, only 22% of companies work with truly aligned marketing and sales departments worldwide. But, why is it so hard for these two areas to go hand in hand?

Even though the theory is clear, since both teams are aware that they have one same common goal, which is boosting company sales; when the time comes to get down to it, the roads they take are different, and this is the aspect that needs correcting. What measures can be taken to revert this situation? The answer is in smartketing.

Only 22% of companies work with truly aligned marketing and sales departments worldwide


What is smartketing and how can it help marketing and sales get aligned?

Smartketing is simply the integration between the sales and the marketing department with the purpose of having them both working in unison to accomplish company goals. In order to do smartketing, it is paramount to comply with these three pillars:

  • Dialogue: communication between these two departments should be constant and fluid in order for efforts to move forward. The marketing team is in charge of generating leads and guaranteeing that they have a high quality, while the sales team is who should turn those leads into customers. This means that if communication is not good, accomplishing goals will be much harder.
  • Teamwork: in order for a proper alignment to exist between both departments, it is essential for them to work as one. Carrying out periodic meetings between both, sharing printouts and tracking the process will strengthen the relationship between the two departments and will lead to better results.
  • Unification: in regard to the previous item, teamwork also means that both departments use the same tools for their work. Having a sales tool that both sides can use, such as a CRM, will be paramount for both departments to track processes. In addition, it will imply cost savings and facilitate the management of information between marketing and sales.

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Smart goals are essential to align marketing and sales teams

Advantages of smartketing for the company

Even though this whole smartketing deal sounds like a passing trend, it actually isn’t. Unifying sales and marketing management has many advantages for companies that undertake this:

  1. Improves internal communication: thanks to smartketing, the interaction and communication between departments is incentivized. Which means that if these two sectors within the company go hand in hand, internal communication will improve, not only between them, but company-wide, since other departments will follow suit.


  2. More motivation: common goals imply an incentive for all workers to follow one same path with the purpose of accomplishing those goals, so that an extra motivation and a better work environment emerge.


  3. Greater coordination: the joint efforts of both departments fosters coordination, since time management and work processes are optimized. It is also positive for the two departments to share a joint strategy that conveys a better corporate image, both internally and externally.


  4. More information: aligning marketing and sales implies that both areas have a greater volume of information at their disposal, for example, in regard to lead quantity and quality, the stage of the sales funnel they are currently at, etc.

Aligning marketing and sales implies that both areas have a greater volume of information at their disposal

Tips to align marketing and sales teams

Tips to get your marketing and sales teams aligned

If now that you know what smartketing is and its advantages you are convinced that this is what you need for your company, here are a few tips to keep in mind in order for the implementation to be a resounding success:

  1. Single definition of the buyer persona: in order to accomplish sales it is important to be clear on what your target audience is, and this vision needs to be the same for everyone. Therefore, sales and marketing departments should have a single definition for buyer personas so that they can focus their actions on that target, making closing sales easier.


  2. Unify goals: if each department has different goals, it will be very hard for both to work in unison, since each will focus its efforts on accomplishing its own goals. Therefore, both teams should have a single set of goals that are measurable and encourage them to work jointly for the common good.


  3. Have the latest technology: to improve the productivity of both teams, it is important for them to have the best tools at their disposal, and in this regard, technology will be a great ally. Having a joint CRM will lead the marketing team to obtain the data it requires to improve lead capture strategies, while the sales team will be able to better track customers and sales thanks to the sales dashboard.

Both teams should have a single set of goals that are measureable and encourage them to work jointly

After seeing all the benefits your company can obtain thanks to integrating the marketing and sales departments, you might be interested to know what a dashboard can do for your sales teamContact us for more information.