Trade shows you just can’t miss

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Trade shows are events where you can find many professionals from various sectors that want to stay up to date with the current events of their industries and find out the latest news. Furthermore, it is an excellent opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their products and capture new customers.

But in order to be well-prepared when attending a fair, it is essential to have tools that make the job of selling easier, and in this regard, inaCátalog is perfect. Why? Below we tell you about the most important trade shows to take place next month, and how inaCátalog can help you get great results.

April 2018 trade shows


  • Alimentaria Barcelona (April 16 to 19)

This is one of the most important trade shows in the food & beverage sector. It attracts a large number of manufacturers and suppliers of this industry, which implies an excellent opportunity to take stock of the food sector and get new business contacts.

The food & beverage sector works with complex, temporary promotions that are generally applied based on the volume of the purchase. The industry also employs several sales methods (prescriptive sales, pre-sales, travelling salesmen…), which means that agents should have the necessary tools to successfully perform them at their disposal.

inaCátalog is an ideal tool for working in the food industry, since it is highly versatile and allows several sales methods to be used, offers to be configured based on customers, and much more. Based on the data obtained through our Industry Report, companies of this sector that have implemented inaCátalog have managed to increase their orders by 7% and improve their turnover by 17%.

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  • Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week (April 23 to 29)

This is the largest bridal fashion fair in our country and it is divided into two: fashion shows take place from April 23 to 27, and the fair itself from April 27 to 29. It brings together the main designers and firms in bridal fashion, in addition to other accessory and party & communion dress brands.

For those working in this sector, this is one of the most expected events of the year, since most commercial activities take place during the fair. Sales in this industry are somewhat especial, because they involve a great number of items that are, in turn, divided by sizes, colors, fabrics, etc. And also because they are constrained by seasons (spring-summer and autumn/winter) and service dates are highly important. Therefore, sales teams need to turn to a tool such as inaCátalog, which allows them to have all size and color variants, bulk sales and the control of service dates on a bi-dimensional screen.

With inaCátalog companies of the fashion, footwear and accessory sector manage to boost their orders by 65% in just one year and the turnover by 74%, while during the second year these numbers climb up to 94% and 115% respectively.

Full trade show


  • International Optics, Optometry and Audiology Exhibition (April 13 to 15).

This fair is a platform and a gathering point for professionals of the Optics, Optometry and Audiology sector, who come together for three days to learn about this market’s latest developments. Also known as ExpoÓptica, the 26th International Congress of Optometry, Contactology and Ophthalmology is also held during this fair, organized by the Consejo General de Ópticos-Optometristas (General Council of Optician-Optometrists).

The healthcare sector works with products that need to be eye-catching. Their benefits are not immediately noticeable, and a great number of additional documentation is required to get to know them (studies, demonstrations, characteristics, etc.). It is for this reason that sales agents need to make use of a highly visual tool that also allows them to perfectly explain the products’ features and convey them to their customers.

In this industry, the implementation of inaCátalog offers very good results, since because it is a sales application and a mobile CRM, it allows salespersons to have all details, characteristics and spec sheets in a single place. You just need to look at the data to prove this: thanks to inaCátalog, companies of the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector have increased the number of orders, as well as their turnover by 176%.

“A sales application and mobile CRM allows salespersons to have all details, characteristics and spec sheets in a single place”


  • Espaijoia Barcelona (Abril 14 and 15).

This exhibit focuses on the sale of high-class jewelry and watches, and is held in the context of Semana de la Joya de Barcelona (Barcelona Jewelry Week). It is especially targeted at professionals of the jewelry industry, though in it you can find anything from companies with a long track record to new designers with interesting proposals. It is, therefore, a gathering point for anyone wishing to find out all details about the new jewelry and watchmaking trends.

The large number of product displays and their high cost is the main problem faced by professionals of this sector. Physical jewelry displays are cumbersome to carry due to their weight, and also somewhat dangerous due to their high value. Therefore, the number of companies that opt for mobile tools such as inaCátalog, which allow them to showcase their entire catalog without the need to physically carry it, is on the rise.

inaCátalog has implied a revolutionary solution for all companies in the jewelry, bijouterie and watchmaking industry that have implemented it, since during the first year they have been able to increase their orders by 41% and boost their turnover by 94%. All of this, while reducing risks and making the job of sales teams easier.

inaCátalog is the best tool to help you in trade shows

inaCátalog, the tool you need in your trade shows

As we have seen, having a good sales tool is paramount when making the most out of the trade shows you attend. inaCátalog is designed to adapt to all situations, from a salesperson’s day-to-day, to events such as these. It has specific functionalities for working in fairs, such as its smart barcode reader, personalized catalogs and centralized clients, which makes it perfect for fairs, showrooms and presentations, allowing all work to be centralized and orders to be placed through it.

Using inaCátalog, interactive and customizable catalogs can be created, in addition to having a mobile CRM and a full reporting system which can be used to manage customers and the activity of sales agents. While it is a tablet app, an internet connection is not required in order to work with it, because it works offline.

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