To practice what one preaches

No quod sanctus instructior ius, et intellegam interesset duo. Vix cu nibh gubergren dissentias. His velit veniam habemus ne. No doctus neglegentur vituperatoribus est, qui ad ipsum oratio. Ei duo dicant facilisi, qui at harum democritum consetetur.

We used to say that a fact is worth a thousand words.

We never stop SAYING our teams, friends and children, how they should do things. " .. Do what I say, but .... don’t do what I do".

In our company, since the key to improve our sales are the method of work, the sale’s style, the speed and the simplicity, we decided to implement inaCátalog as a sales tool.

We are using and developing the most advanced features: geo-positioning of our team, matrix to easily locate our most potential customers, generate dedicated catalogs for profiled customers ... new ideas that provide great results.

Our company has grown by 12% in 2013 thanks for a large part to our great team, but, also thanks to the great tools we’re using for our sales.


Install inaCátalog and grows!!

It’s easy and fast to implement

By Antonio Micó
General Manager