How to monitor sales and improve your reports

Sales are the pillar of any company; without them it is impossible for a business to work. Which is why a key aspect of the work of any sales director is to adequately track sales. There are several methods that can be applied to monitor sales; we will take a look at some of them below.

Measures to improve sales monitoring

All companies have at their disposal different methods and tools that help them properly track sales processes. These are some of the most important:

  • Sales plan: this is a document that outlines an annual sales plan and establishes procedures to accomplish those sales. The sales plan can be made in collaboration with the marketing department, and it contains guidelines to comply with it. For example, the promotions that will be offered and their periods of validity, discounts that can be offered for specific products to incentivize sales, etc.
  • Goals and sales quotas: company sales goals should be outlined in writing in a document, as well as sales quotas for each agent. This results in the salespersons focusing their efforts on accomplishing these goals and, as a result, it is easier to accomplish target sales.
  • Sales force structure: another measure that helps monitor sales better is to have a well-defined sales force structure (no. of salespersons, sales areas, hierarchy, incentives, etc.).

InaCátalog is a tool to track sales

  • Customer portfolio: this includes both current and prospective customers for the company. It should contain information such as corporate name, phone number, e-mail address, position, products commonly purchased, etc.
  • Order tracking: the company needs to painstakingly track orders placed in order to guarantee stock availability and prevent issues that may hamper the effectiveness of the sales process and negatively affect the customer.
  • List of paid and due orders: this information is particularly important, since it indicates which orders have been paid and which are due. The management of paid and due orders is therefore and essential aspect of sales tracking.

“One measure that helps track sales better is to have a well-defined sales force structure”

In the past, all of these measures have been implemented separately by means of various documents. However, nowadays there are sales management systems that allow all the information mentioned above to be contained in one place, in addition to other information such as:

  • Sales quantity per period: tracking of transactions that have been performed in different periods (months, quarters, semiannually).
  • Effectiveness of each salesperson: control the quantity of sales made by each agent, as well as the number of customers or prospective customers he has obtained.
  • Sales forecast: statistics or data on the number of transactions expected to be closed by each salesperson.
  • Seller scheduled visits: organizer containing all the pending visits for each sales agent.

There are several methods that can be applied to monitor sales

Advantages of having a sales management system

Having a tool that allows you to comprehensively manage all aspects that influence the sales process is paramount to boost company sales. Some of the benefits obtained are:

  • Increased salesperson effectiveness: sales management systems affect the effectiveness of salespersons, since thanks to a better process tracking, the work becomes easier and they can sell much more.
  • Creating a working standard: this tools allows for the creation of a standardized way of working for all sales agents. All of them will comply with the same working guidelines, which will be recorded in the sales management system, which will result in the information being better organized, leading to an increased productivity.
  • Generating reports: these systems have a very interesting feature, which is the ability to generate reports that include key information about sales processes with the purpose of improving future visits or sales opportunities.

“Sales management systems affect the effectiveness of salespersons”

It is therefore important for companies to implement a system that helps them manage the various phases undergone during a sales process, in addition to the ability to obtain data and statistics on it to improve in the future.

Apps to track sales: the solution to improve sales

Track sales applications such as inaCátalog are a great solution for both the salespersons and the sales director of a company to see everything that is going on. As we have seen, this type of tool collects all the information about transactions, which means, among others, it can be used to:

  • Have an overview of company sales.
  • Have updated, faithful information.
  • Track paid and due orders.
  • Control the accomplishment of goals and KPIs.
  • Obtain sales reports.
  • Have a fast, permanent access to the information.
  • Help with decision-making in order to improve the sales strategy.