Ten sales blogs to stay updated

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At inaCátalog we believe that staying updated on sales news is paramount to get inspired, and find novel solutions and other useful ideas for our day to day. Therefore, we are always following various sales blogs and their updates, where we can find suggestions to optimize sales efforts and find different proposals that help us innovate.

In order for you to do so as well, we bring you our selection of 10 sales blogs to stay updated. A true repository of wisdom for you and your teams to constantly learn and get enriched with new sales management ideas.

Sales blogs to get inspired


1. Vender es mucho más

One of these sales management blogs belongs to Alejandro Sánchez and Alejandro Luján, two highly experienced salespersons that share tips to sell more and faster. Their goal? To help the sales profession since, as they say, “without sales there is no company.”

With highly educational articles on Sales Coaching, Sales Tools, Productivity and Sales Techniques, they are a source of inspiration on current issues and subjects for sales directors and CEOs.

Want to take a look at their blog? Start by “El ciclo de venta que todo comercial debería conocer”.


2. Vendedor Ninja

Vendedor Ninja should be among the sales blogs visited by any industry professional. A very thorough network, with articles on coaching, personal development, strategy, neuromarketing, communication, and practically any aspect of concern to a sales team, a sales representative or a sales director, as well as interviews with experts in different fields.

Its author, Josué Gadea, is a consultant, trainer and international speaker whose goal is to help multiply business yields in any sector.

Recommended content: Neuroventas, estrategias de ventas persuasivas para vender más.


3. inaCátalog’s Sales and Sales Management blog

InaCátalog has a blog on sales management and sales which publishes the latest technological innovations; sales, marketing and CRM tips; and the latest trends and industry tools to be more effective.

Its entries aim to become a complete guide on business and sales management, supplemented by downloadable learning resources and success stories for inspiration.

One of its articles you cannot miss: Sales KPIs: 30 business indicators to monitor sales.


4. Developing the business

Educational contents on tasks and problems usually faced by sales representatives. Its many sections are related to needs of the management department and sales team activities: Business Development, Customer Experience, Excellent Companies, Sales Books, LinkedIn Social Selling, Sales Pipeline & CRM, Sales Process, Productivity, Customer Prospecting and Sales Management.

Popular post: Guía de 10 Pasos para Prospectar en Frío.


5. El blog de José Puchades

José Puchades’ is another sales blog made by an industry expert who offers all of his passion and experience in digital transformation, marketing and sales organization in his publications.

In this site you will find ideas on business management, entrepreneurship, marketing and digitalization, as well as interviews, presentations and other related sales management blogs.

One of its most-read entries is “7 tendencias de marketing y ventas en 2017”.


6. Dirección Comercial

In this site we find various subjects that range from sales dashboards, goal achievement systems, structuring and business organization, to training and company experiences across all sectors.

With a track record of over ten years, Dirección Comercial is a go-to site for sales directors, professional salesmen and innovative managers.

One of his posts that got the most attention is “Ejemplos reales de venta B2C avanzada (de cómo se venderá en 2020, pero que ya podemos usar en la actualidad)”.





7. El blog de Javier Heredia

Javier Heredia’s goal is to pass his knowledge, share his experience – over 20 years in sales – and ideas and create a network of sales, marketing, human resources and coaching professionals and colleagues.

In addition to getting his work published by industry media, universities and business schools, his sales blog is recommended by portals and expert marketing & business publications, such as Observatorio de la Blogosfera de MKT or the Marketing+Ventas magazine. In it he posts content on the subject of excellence, leadership, employees and customers, as well as several tips related to sales skills and techniques.

Here you can see his latest article: “La venta personal; Funciones del vendedor”.


8. Formación & Ventas

Formación & Ventas intends to offer ideas and resources about training, sales and team management. Written by Ángel Génova, professional trainer and coach to executives and sales teams, he helps evaluate, lead and develop a sales department, as well as improve sales skills and customer prospecting.

His articles touch on the subjects of Sales Management, Training, Skills, specialized Books, Negotiation Techniques and other ideas that may solve problems seen in the sector and optimize customer service and results.

His most-read post is “Las 5 funciones clave del gerente de ventas”.  


9. La venta perfecta

La venta perfecta is one of the sales blogs you cannot miss. It contains educational articles on problems and needs of specialists, tips, announcements and seminars.

His site also includes book references, videos and some of its author’s experiences as a sales strategy consultant .

You can find a few interesting ideas in “Los 5 consejos más valiosos para vender”.


10. El blog de Celestino Martínez

Celestino Martínez, a professional with a track record of over 20 years, shows us how to sell more without wasting resources on his site. His main goal is to help other professionals to increase sales figures, develop their project and adapt to market changes and customers.

Specialized in the retail sector, with subjects that include consumer behavior, product strategy, added value, etc., it also has downloadable resources and collaborates with other sales, marketing, management and entrepreneurship blogs.

Among his most visited publications we can find: “Las 12 amenazas del agente comercial en peligro de extinción”.


Other sales management resources

In addition to these sales blogs, there are other publications on sales management that may be of great help to you to stay informed and learn how to lead your sales force toward excellence. Besides media such as El Mundo Financiero or Puro Marketing, we recommend that you follow your sector’s LinkedIn groups, where you will be able to contact other professionals in your field and exchange experiences and opinions.

Do you want more resources for information on managing your sales team? Download our latest eBook, What should a sales dashboard look like? Analyzing sales KPIs with inaCátalog, and learn to optimize your sales strategy with the right tools.