Success story: results of using inaCátalog as an industrial CRM

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In a competitive market such as the industrial sector, where companies try to increase their market share, satisfaction and customer fidelity have become key factors. In order to accomplish this, managing user information and having an industrial CRM that is tailored to the needs and requirements of prospective customers implies an advantage over the competition and will determine the growth of the company.

Under this premise, counting with a tool that includes industrial CRM services will enable us to automate certain information and have the necessary data to optimize decision-making, improve processes, and enhance the customer’s experience and the relationship with them. All of the above, as we will see in this post, translates into increased sales.

Why should inaCátalog be implemented as an industrial CRM? Because it allows you to address problems and needs for companies and sales teams of the sector, such as:

  • The need to implement a digital catalog and a CRM that is always accessible, which allows salespersons to generate orders anywhere
  • The requirement of having detailed and updated stock information
  • The requirement of updating the sales force’s working tools to improve customer management and make it easier to meet sales goals.

Thanks to mobile tools that, as inaCátalog does, include a CRM tailored to the industrial sector, sales teams can overcome the unavailability of detailed information in real time and improve on other aspects such as pre-visit planning, shortening the sales cycle for complex products, track visits, etc.

CRM industrial screen


Results of implementing an industrial CRM such as inaCátalog

InaCátalog’s deployment process in the industrial sector, as with any other industry, involves an integration with the company’s ERP, installation on all of the company’s computers and the installation of the central program. In addition, the CRM has a commissioning phase and offers technical support services. Thanks to this, companies can easily implement an industrial CRM, and a powerful business tool, that they can quickly benefit from.

Taking advantage of everything the app has to offer and implementing a sales methodology allows for the obtainment of improving data in the short term, facilitating a fast return on investment.  

By analyzing one of our success stories – a leading business group in the Spanish paper industry with a strong international presence and a team of 14 salespersons – these are some of the amazing results obtained with inaCátalog during the first year since its implementation:


  • 92% increase in sales volume

    It was possible for sales in this company of the industrial sector to increase after implementing an industrial CRM such as inaCátalog, where the sales rose by a 92%. This increasing trend lasted through the second year, maintaining a sustained 24% growth.  


  • 80 percent more orders

    Access to key information by the sales force such as stock information, in conjunction with a more effective tracking of prospective customers and the portfolio offered by the industrial CRM and its features, such as onsite reporting, quickly translated into an increase in the number of orders, reaching an additional 80% more requests during the first year, and 29% during the second.


  • Significant growth in order lines per sale

    Using a tool that includes personalized catalogs and other features such as cross-selling and upselling helps in accomplishing more order lines per sale. The ability to make a better pre-visit planning helps industrial companies to achieve up to 69% more lines per order during the first 12 months, and a 29% more during the following year.


  • 20% increase in the number of visits

    Agility and speed are boosted for representatives. In addition to facilitating management and eliminating administrative tasks that take away their time with customers, using a tool that includes an industrial CRM such as inaCátalog also makes visits last less and makes them more effective. The outcome is a 20% increase in visits when compared to equally long days.

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InaCátalog is a industrial tablet CRM 


Using technology to optimize sales visits

The fact that representatives have a sales application and an Industrial CRM for use on their tablets, that is fully integrated with their computer systems, at their disposal, allows for a significant optimization of sales visits and performance for the sales department. This arises from certain benefits obtained and several factors, such as:

  • Significant time savings in administrative tasks due to the elimination of duplicates and tasks that are no longer necessary, such as manual data entry or the need to search among large quantities of documents and printed catalogs (which are often outdated).
  • Automatic information synchronization (clients, rates, products…). With inaCátalog, catalogs and rates are updated easily and immediately. Data is also updated offline, since the tool allows you to work without a connection so that you never lose contact with the databases.
  • Full and automatic data integration, which allows for time savings, avoiding possible manual errors and perform a stricter control over the information and the management of sales teams. All of this with high-security, highly reliable systems that are easy to couple with the company’s ERP.
  • Information that is always available and updated, with full details on stock, personalized offers or related products. This makes calls to the central offices by salespersons, and vice-versa, to decrease. The sales force now focuses on what really matters: to sell more and better.


Why should you implement a tool such as inaCátalog?

inaCátalog is an all-in-one sales application and mobile CRM, ideal to automate processes in a sales network and optimize key aspects of this activity and of customer management.

Companies of the industrial sector that keep carrying out visits using physical catalogs and a traditional or independent CRM do not only depend on greater amounts of time, but also on higher graphical material adaptation and printing expenses. In this regard, having a mobile industrial CRM will simplify sales, and help optimize times and visits. All of this, with an innovative brand image and the ability to enhance the customer experience and the relationship with users.

In summary, inaCátalog addresses today’s industrial company needs – companies that require an easy and effective mobile customer management system, a visit and data analysis manager, and a sales suite, all in one.

If you believe your business has these requirements or if you are looking to obtain the benefits of implementing a sales tool and industrial CRM, all in one, ask for a free inaCátalog demo or get in touch with us.