Software quality is a critical factor for success

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Today software is present in all aspects of our daily lives. When we receive an invoice with errors, when an application button doesn't work, when we can´t book a flight online, when some functions of our car doesn´t work properly ... you can bet that surely this comes from some sort of software bugs.

The lack of quality in software has always its consequences, like what happened for example in 2009 when a bug caused by a missing character in a code line (it was just a dot !), made Sweden completely disappear from the internet map! For hours, the DNS servers were not able to find directions for the Swedish local domain, so no one could access any web page hosted on the « .se » domain … with the economic consequences you may imagine.

That´s why at Inase we understand that software quality is a critical factor for success.

By Jesús Gómez
QA Department