Sales books and other resources you just can’t miss

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If you are in sales, there are a number of sales books on the market that can inspire you and help you become more professional, and be more effective with your clients.

We know that there is a broad offering and that we don’t always have the time to choose those books that are most important, and we don’t know where to begin. This is why we have selected for you the sales books and other resources you just can’t miss, which will help you build the foundations of your activity as a salesperson. Make a note:

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Sales books you just can’t miss


  • Thank you for Arguing – by Jay Heinrichs

A true classic among sales books in the United States, Thank you for Arguing outlines the strategies and tactics to manage to convince anyone depending on their context. In order to accomplish this, it recounts the rhetoric and art of persuasion of some of the most renowned historical figures, such as Aristotle, Lincoln, Churchill, Cicero and even The Simpsons. Whether you want to come out on top when arguing with your friends, win bets or become a sharp negotiator, you can’t miss this book.

  • The Active Listener by Rodrigo Ortiz Crespo

Ortiz states that “in today’s business world, success depends for the most part on the effective communication between people, fostering a positive work environment and contributing to the achievement of goals.”

A good communicator must have public speaking and active listening skills. In order to accomplish this, this books teaches anything from how to prepare for listening, to grasping the main ideas and the feedback process, all the way through the position and look we have to adopt when standing in front of someone, and other key aspects of nonverbal communication.

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  • Trust-Based Selling: Using Customer Focus and Collaboration to Build Long-Term Relationships – by Charles H. Green

Trust-Based Selling describes a way of selling where the most valuable is the relationship between the client and the agent, instead of focusing on individual transactions. Charles H. Green recommends giving priority to your prospective customers’ needs in order to gain their trust in an honest manner and build solid bonds that will bring more revenues for your company in the long term.

Through a number of real-life cases and company examples, this book teaches you how to adopt the four fundamental principles of trust-based selling; focusing on clients and assisting them instead of competing; caring for their interests to increase sales and the customer retention rate; and adopting an outlook where “the relationship is the customer.”

Another sales book you cant miss



  • Vender es mucho más: secretos de la fidelización en la venta – by Cosimo Chiesa

Selling is an essential activity in today’s market; however, there are still high levels of improvisation, lack of advertisement and promotional support and seller recognition.

Aimed at those who work with sales, this text cannot be missing among your sales books because it provides, in a simple and straightforward manner, a few tips to improve selling and customer loyalty, narrated in the form of advice given by an experienced sales director to a young, novice salesperson. In addition, the book highlights the need for the agent to become a consultant, capable of offering an added value to his clients.

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  • Selling in Tough Times: Secrets to Selling When No One Is Buying – by Tom Hopkins

All companies go through a rough patch at some point, which bring disruptive change and paralyze those who are unprepared. Great sales professionals will manage to succeed while going through it, finding a way to deal with adversity and stay positive.

In these pages, Hopkins tells his own experience as a salesman and shares his plan to come out on top during tough times, offering a number of valuable lessons about keeping morale high and turning problems into sales opportunities.


Other useful resources for salespersons

In addition to these five sales books which will help you deal with several aspects of your activity, some professionals in the field share resources that you can download for free, and which may help you improve several aspects of your performance as a salesperson. Here are three key texts:

There are many resources online for salespersons

  • How to determine sales KPIs – by inaCátalog

This free resource, developed by our team of sales and sales management experts, is aimed at all sales directors and specialists who want to learn how to configure a sales dashboard with the most suitable KPIs.

In it, professionals will find a good starting point to optimize their efforts and sales network resources thanks to more effective KPIs, as well as the best way to evaluate sales force performance.

You can download it for free by clicking on this link.   

  • 11 tácticas de ventas que utilizan los vendedores profesionales para tener éxito – by Daniel Ronceros

An eBook aimed at salespersons who do not have a sales prospecting strategy, those who are starting off in sales and want to avoid errors, and experienced salespersons who want to learn about new ways to connect with clients.

This resource lists a few tactics to successfully navigate the first approach to a prospective customer. In its pages, it explains several ways to generate sales and new businesses, as well as laying the foundations of a prospecting strategy, and what a digital salesperson is. All of this with the purpose of helping the reader gain confidence to capture new users.

Find it here.


  • Las 7 claves fundamentales para vender a empresas – by Leticia del Corral

Leticia del Corral, strategic consultant and result-oriented B2B digital marketing specialist recounts her experience working with multi-national corporations, small companies and self-employed businessmen selling products and services to companies.

An expert in ‘business to business’ marketing, she includes in this eBook the keys to obtaining business customers and the four fundamental steps for your company to attract other corporations. In addition, it contains a checklist with all the characteristics your marketing actions should include.

To download it, visit this page.

If you want to get more information and obtain more free sales resources, contact us and we will be glad to help you.