Industry report: results of using inaCátalog


At inaCátalog we have prepared a complete Industry Report in order to learn about the results of implementing a tool such as the one we offer in companies across various sectors. This study outlines the results obtained by over 200 Spanish companies after implementing inaCátalog, with the purpose of strengthening their sales force.

Specifically, 208 companies
that used inaCátalog as a sales tool between the years 2015 and 2017 were analyzed to prepare this Industry Report. All businesses included in this report sell their products or services both nationally and internationally, since inaCátalog is being used in 104 countries around the world.

The results of the report have been broken down by sector:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Home & Decoration
  • Pharmacy & Health and Beauty
  • Industry
  • Jewelry & Bijouterie
  • Fashion, footwear and accessories
  • Gifts and stationery
  • Childcare & child fashion

Across all of them, the conclusions obtained were very positive, since the average number of orders and sales turnovers have increased during the first business year since the implementation, as well as during the year following inaCátalog’s implementation.

This study outlines the results obtained by over 200 Spanish companies after implementing inaCátalog

Industry Report by InaCátalog

Needs addressed by inaCátalog per sector

As we have previously mentioned, inaCátalog is a system that can be employed in many sectors, addressing different needs for each of them. These are the main needs, as found in the Industry Report:

  • Food & beverage: inaCátalog allows companies to work with complex and temporary promotions (gifts, special prices and discounts). It also allows for the management of several sale methods concurrently (prescriptive sales, pre-sales, travelling salesmen).
  • Home & decoration: a highly visual sale takes place in this sector, where agents need quality images. Furthermore, there are many product variants based on dimensions and colors – especially for textile products – and prices also vary based on these aspects. inaCátalog offers the opportunity of managing it all by using a single platform.
  • Pharmacy & health and beauty: this is a sector in which the benefits offered by a product are not immediately noticeable, which means that a great amount of information needs to be available to be given to the customer. Furthermore, products need to be segmented by market, and as a result, agents need a catalog that can be customized, such as inaCátalog.

Agents need a catalog that can be customized, such as inaCátalog

Results of implementing a mobile CRM

  • Industry: in the industrial sector, tailor-made products are quite common, which means that agents require a tool that, like inaCátalog does, allows them to personalize their characteristics. With inaCátalog much more detailed information about a great number of references can be obtained, and projects can be also managed and monitored.
  • Jewelry & bijouterie: inaCátalog enables the management of the broad product exhibitors used in the jewelry and bijouterie industry, and allows the hassle of carrying these exhibitors around all day (and their high cost) to be eliminated. Our system also allows for an adequate stock and time management in regard to the manufacturing of ordered products.
  • Fashion, footwear and accessories: this sector uses large color, fabric, size and other exhibitors. It is therefore necessary to have a tool that reflects all of these needs, in addition to properly manage service dates. inaCátalog also allows for season-based instead of calendar-based sales, which is a must for this sector.
  • Gifts & Stationery: agility and speed in order-taking, as well as payment options are a must for this sector. With inaCátalog, they can manage payment policies and orders can be placed in seconds.
  • Childcare & child fashion: the needs addressed by inaCátalog for this sector are similar to those of the fashion, footwear and accessories industry. Easy management of size, color and fabric exhibitors, season-based sales and tracking and management of service dates.

Results of inaCátalog's Industry Report

Main findingsof the Industry Report

As we have seen, inaCátalog is more than a sales catalog and an ordering tool; it is a robust CRM system that provides information to agents and helps them make their sales visits more successful. You just need to analyze the main findings of the Industry Report to learn about the advantages offered by the implementation of inaCátalog:

  • Increased productivity: by using inaCátalog, time management is optimized, increasing the number of visits by 20% regardless of the industry. Additionally, the efficiency of these sales visits is improved by 45% thanks to data integration and information synchronization, among others.
  • Better purchasing experience: the implementation of inaCátalog allows the sales department to work with an omnichannel strategy, so that the focus is put on the customer and the agent has all the information about the prospective customer at his fingertips, improving the purchasing experience and increasing sales probabilities.

By using inaCátalog, time management is optimized, increasing the number of visits by 20%

  • Greater sales team motivation: inaCátalog increases the commitment and efficiency of the sales team, since thanks to this tool, agents can sell more and better. With inaCátalog, they have much more information about the customers when preparing their visits, and it becomes easier to find new customers thanks to segmented databases and geolocation.
  • Better brand image: companies that have implemented inaCátalog have managed to improve their brand image by having a tool that makes the purchasing experience easier and more innovative. Furthermore, given that inaCátalog allows the application’s look & feel to be customized, a much more businesslike image is conveyed.

inaCátalog increases the commitment and efficiency of the sales team, since thanks to this tool, agents can sell more and better

These is just a broad idea of what can be found in the Industry Report, but you will find much more detailed information in it, broken down by industry. Do you work in fashion, decoration, food, childcare…? Download the Industry Report and discover what companies in your sector have accomplished since they implemented inaCátalog as a sales tool.