inaCátalog Sales Mobility Team, also with more new functionalities

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Recently we have spoken of the changes that have developed in our product inaCátalog Sales Mobility for professionals, sales agents and small businesses. Today we are going to speak about some of the innovations that we have included in inaCátalog Sales Mobility Team aimed at medium to large companies or businesses requiring integration with their ERP .

inaCátalog is a mobility solution that addresses different types of companies that may or may not integrate with their ERP. It is a commercial sales tool that manages orders and sales and it is provided with intelligence and commercial innovation .

The " Team" includes three levels of implementation: Practic, Power and Premium depending on the needs of each company, and also integrates various modules to interact with the catalog, manage orders and report sales. Enables the exchange of information with the ERP of the company, ensuring the maximum security level .

It also offers customization options among many features, and we have also added the following :

-Compatible with iOS7, adapting to new changes
-New buttons to view orders and reports from a client file
-New utility to clear the opened order without having to go to order summary, making the process more agile
-Ability to order the lines of items based on several criteria
-Streamline the presentation in the grid sizes and colors when there are many combinations

If you don't know inaCátalog and want more information, you just have to get in touch with us, we will be very happy to assist you! .

See you soon!