inaCátalog next to Microsoft Office!

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Since last week inaCátalog sits next to Microsoft Office… on an iPad!

The company indeed released an iPad edition of Microsoft Office on the Apple Store (for iPad, iPhone and also Android). You got a free edition which allows you to view all Office documents and to edit them, you then need to subscribe to Office 365 ($100 usd per year for consumers).

Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote) has been adapted to touch screen and offers most of the Windows desktop functionalities.

Microsoft understands that today Windows is not the unique platform and rather than protect it (via the ‘Windows First’ policy), the new (52 days only) Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella prefers to let Office available to all platform where users want to use it. Knowing that PC shipment fell 10% from previous year while tablet grew 68%!

It might too late… The firm waited for over 200 million iPad sold to bring Office! iPad users might have gone on Evernote, Quip, Smartsheet, Haiku Deck or Apple’s own iWorks suite.

This hits Microsoft Surface (even if Surface is far from dead) and allows the iPad to be a real tablet for business needs which help Apple to fulfil its strategic direction.

This definitely helps inaCátalog users to have with their iPad a full Business device.

By Pierre Bonte
V.P. International Sales

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