How to sell more and better on every visit: use technology

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Closing more and larger sales is one of the recurring goals of every sales team. In order to accomplish this, there are a myriad of sales techniques, business strategies and tactics to make cold sales. While they may seem partially effective, many of them are focused on the work of the salesperson; but as we have already seen, the way in which customers consume has shifted toward a market that is centered on the customers and the purchasing experience. If you are wondering how to sell more and better, the right answer will be by employing the right sales tools.

Of course, in order to address the question of how to sell more and better, it will also be necessary for you to apply certain tactics to your sales strategy, as well as certain day to day practices that may come in handy. However, technologies and sales applications are the best ally to make your sales force get the most out of every visit and successfully close more deals.

You might be wondering, how can I sell more by using technology? And above all, why will tools help me increase transactions? In this article we will explain the reasons, and which functionalities you should add right now to your sales force. If you want to sell more, with a higher sales volume, and provide a better sales experience that gains the loyalty of your customers and helps you capture new ones, pay attention.

Key factors for the success of your sales strategy

As stated by SEMrush, a successful sales strategy should consider 4 key factors:

Analyze, fix and change

Analyze all actions and measure the ROI of marketing pieces. Which have been more effective for sellers, which actions have been carried out, how objections have been dealt with, which products have seen better sales, how orders and reports have turned out… The more standardized, comparable data you have, the more you will be able to perfect your strategy.

In order to accomplish this, we need to be able to collect all the detailed information and analyze it. This is paramount to detect the strong points of the strategy, which must be corrected, and what the best way to do so is.

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Optimize expenses

In order to optimize expenses, we need, first, to analyze obtained data. As we have previously mentioned, this is how we will know what is worth investing more resources on and which actions are not resulting in profits.

Likewise, mobile tools for salespersons enable resources invested to be optimized for various reasons:

  • They eliminate investments on paper catalogs.
  • They allow custom-tailored pieces to be created faster and with a lower budget.
  • They unify all of the information and allow you to access it from any device, which makes sales more comfortable, interactive, faster and thorough.
  • They facilitate a greater independence for salespersons, who optimize their visits by not depending on calls to the central offices to know product details, stock levels, related products or personalized offers, etc.

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Optimize expenses

Increase productivity

Once we have fixed the actions and optimized expenses, the next step is to increase the productivity of our personnel. In order to do this, sales apps such as inaCátalog will succeed in boosting the profitability, since they adapt to the needs of sales teams and consumer demands. All of this as a result of a number of factors:

  • They allow for the automation of certain tasks of the sales process and get rid of unnecessary formalities, offering more time to improve visits.
  • They facilitate an effective appointment management as well as simplify the reporting system.
  • They allow for real-time stock control.
  • They are mobile tools that salespersons are used to working with, easy to use and intuitive.
  • They help accelerate the sales cycle for complex products and take better advantage of cross-selling and upselling techniques, resulting on a greater profitability on every visit.
  • They can be used to determine and organize the sales team more effectively, thanks to features such as geolocation.
  • They improve decision-making, moving from analytic to predictive methods thanks to business intelligence.
  • They boost employee motivation, who gain a greater independence and efficiency both when selling and when dealing with objections.

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Determine objectives

Determining sales objectives will help us establish our plan of action to be always in line with the accomplishment of our goals. Furthermore, it is the previous step to be able to keep track of metrics, and will also come in handy as an incentive for our teams to work more in order to accomplish them and stay motivated along the way.

Objectives should be SMART. Why? Because this methodology does not only help us know what we are dedicating our time for, but it also helps us foresee and deal with problems that may arise along the way.

In order to optimally accomplish sales goals, reports and data analysis will let us know the status of the KPIs, what is working, and how much accomplishing each of our goals is costing us.

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How to sell more and better on every visit: tactics

As we have seen, using technology and mobile CRM tools is a safe bet in order to improve sales and optimize visits. In addition, there are a series of tactics or actions that salespersons should keep in mind when dealing with the customer, regardless of the tools they use for support:

  1. Watch your body language and nonverbal communication.
  2. Make a direct, clear and simple pitch.
  3. Listen to your customer and ask about his needs.
  4. Respond to the customer’s needs with the benefits of your products, not with a specific product.
  5. Be sincere; consumers will appreciate it.
  6. Keep your supporting material organized.
  7. Perform a follow-up on every case.


inaCátalog‘s technology will help you set in motion these strategies to sell more, since it will let you perform a better user segmentation, a better control over each customer and a perfect organization of the supporting material in every case.

All of this, by implementing a sales up with a Tablet CRM that works both online and with no connection, so that you can always have information ready and updated, and give each customer the most complete and personalized purchasing experience possible.