How to increase your sales network visits by 20%

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One of the main goals of every sales department is to sell more. But that is also related to selling better. In other words, if you want your sales force to improve its results, this will necessarily involve a sales network visit optimization and increase. The more and the better visits we perform, the higher the chance to successfully close a sale.

Both aspects are closely related: if the sales force increases its effectiveness in each visit, getting rid of secondary tasks and having the necessary autonomy, sales visits will be shorter. This will offer a greater time leeway to carry out more visits.

This does not happen just because the salesperson is able to eliminate auxiliary tasks, but also because each visit has a greater quality for the user and allows us to address his doubts, needs and issues in a timely manner. This ability is obtained thanks to information.

This said, how do we manage for visits to be shorter and more effective at the same time? How can we increase the number of sales network visits by 20%? Keep reading and find out.


Improve the effectiveness of the sales network through mobile tools

Information is key to increase the quality of our sales network visits and business intelligence. In this regard, we are not only referring to information on stock, products and supplementary services or special offers. Sales representatives must also track sales visits, collect all important customer data to carry out future actions and improve the pre-visit planning.

In order to obtain this information completely it will be paramount to correctly monitor the sales activity in order to know how it performs and which are the actions, components or factors that make a visit more effective.

How do you collect key information to increase sales network sales? Through an adequate sales management system that adds value both for customers and for the sales force. To accomplish this, it should include a set of characteristics to improve the sales efficiency:

  • Planner: a sales tool that includes a schedule planning and visit prioritization system will enable the classification of customers by dates and criteria. Additionally, this planner should be linked to customer reports and spreadsheets to decide when the best time to make a visit is and to improve the pre-visit planning using relevant data.
  • Geolocation system: the application our sales force will use will exponentially multiply its effectiveness if it includes a geolocation system. Salesperson productivity and efficiency will be increased; in addition, it will also be useful to monitor salespersons and know details such as where a sale or report is being made.  


  • Real-time automated stock control: An efficient and automated order and stock management allows customers to be offered a fast, personalized, quality and reliable service, as well as the possibility to quickly address their inquiries.

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  • Interactive catalogs: interactive catalogs, such as those offered by inaCátalog, can easily adapt to each customer without consuming too many resources, in addition to being more appealing. If we already have a segmented product list we will be able to meet our users’ needs faster and with a higher chance of success.
  • Proactive sales techniques: in order for the visit to be more profitable we should increase the sales volume. Having a tool that offers upselling or cross-selling will make this job easier for the sales network, which will be able to increase the number of lines per order much easier.
  • Online and offline data updating: getting disconnected from our database in the middle of a visit may result in a significant waste of time and even an inability to successfully close a sale. Having an app that is able to be used offline will prevent representatives from being left hanging out to dry due to service problems.
  • Report system: once a visit is over, having an automated report system will make it easy to evaluate data obtained and classify it. In line with this, onsite reports offered by mobile sales tools will help us know in-depth our performance and outline future successful courses of action.

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All of these features should be added to a sales management plan in a mobile solution that, as inaCátalog does, always accompanies our sales force. Analyses performed by our company show that thanks to these advantages a sales network increases sales visits by up to 20 percent.  



How to optimize sales management to increase visits

Before we presented a few guidelines to making sales visits more productive, but there are also a set of practices that are related to team management.

What can we do, as sales managers, to optimize our sales network efforts and increase sales? According to the Emprendedores magazine, these are the 4 steps one should follow:

  • Plot a route: Before going out on the street and selecting a route for visits, we will have to think where our prospective customers are located and which of them are a perfect fit for our offer. Once this decision has been made, we will have to reflect on the added value we can offer them.
  • Change the method of compensation: the article states that most companies nowadays have a compensation method that rewards obtaining new customers over generating customer loyalty. And, as we can see, retaining and taking care of our existing clients is increasingly important.
  • Seek new sales strategies: our product is the excuse to build a relationship with the customer, but we should look for new ways to focus on him and find alternative means to expand his consumption through our company.  
  • Set realistic goals: define salesperson goals in a realistic manner they are comfortable with, and with consideration to the market’s current state. A method that is of significant help when setting goals is the SMART method.