Tips to improve your sales pitches

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Sales pitches make up the bulk of a salesperson’s tools. They are resources used by the agent to communicate with his prospective customers and attempt to close negotiations. It is therefore important to create good sales battle cards that are effective, convincing and direct. But even though, in theory, it may seem like an easy task, the fact is that it isn’t. Below we bring you a few guidelines to improve your sales pitches.


Sales pitches: advantages and things to keep in mind

Battle cards are documents in which what the seller needs to convey to customers is put in writing. The allow sellers to better prepare for visits, since a sales agent will be able to anticipate possible situations thanks to information contained in the battle card. For example, answers to the most common customer objections can be prepared beforehand, or various stages may be established to steer the customer toward a final objective.

Sales pitches therefore have many advantages for salespersons, including:

1. Preventing the need to improvise in front of the customer: improvising brings doubt to the customer, which is why it is paramount to have a good pitch prepared that shows confidence and certainty. In sales, what is said is just as important as how it is said.

2. Establishing a path to be followed: a good battle card must specify phases for the conversation, indicating anything from the way in which it should start to closure proposals, all the way through phases that enable the salesperson to show empathy and build rapport with the customer.

“In sales, what is said is just as important as how it is said”

3. Aligning sales processes: if sales pitches are effective, they will allow the entire sales team to work in unison and have the same guideline, thereby preventing sales from depending on the personal skills of each agent or just chance.

4. Generate motivation among salespersons: if a battle card is well-crafted, it will generate more trust and motivation for salespersons, because the more they use it, the more successful they will be, and the more sales they will accomplish.

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Sales pitches are important to negociate properly


What sales pitches should include

Any sales pitch should be structured into various phases that allow all information that needs to be communicated to the prospective customer to be adequately conveyed. These are some of the parts that a battle card should contain:

  • Introduction: first, a salesperson should introduce himself to the customer, indicating who he is and the company he represents. A special importance must be given to information about the company (track record, sector, value-added proposal…).
  • Product or service being offered: after the introduction comes the time to present the product or service. In order to do this, one must indicate what is being offered and its general features. It is important to show a wide knowledge on the subject in order to elicit the customer’s trust, in addition to explaining all the strong points the product offers.
  • Target audience: before selling, we must know well who we are talking to. Having a profile of our target audience will help us know how to communicate with it, what language and tone to use, etc.

“Having a profile of our target audience will help us know how to communicate with it”

  • Addressing objections: in every sales process customer objections arise. It is therefore important to anticipate them and have an answer prepared, so that it doesn’t catch us by surprise. It is paramount for these answers to be brief and concise so as to offer a solid reply that does not bring further doubt to the customer.
  • Solutions to various situations: sales pitches must also reflect the various situations a salesperson may stumble upon. Which is to say, it is not the same to contact a customer to arrange a visit than to do so to get someone’s contact information. Therefore, different pitches must be prepared for each circumstance.

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Tips to prepare good sales pitches


Tips to prepare good sales pitches

Now that you know the various parts that make up a sales battle card, it is important to keep in mind a series of tips that will help you enhance it:

1. Show evidence: customers are used to getting many visits by salespersons; so in order to convince them that your product is good, words will not suffice; you will also have to show them tangible aspects that corroborate what you are saying. They may be statistics, data, success stories, reviews by other customers, etc.

2. Go beyond the sale: nowadays, customers see sales as more than a mere transaction. Things like anticipating their needs and offering them a good post-sales service will be decisive when the moment comes to choose you over your competitor.

“Nowadays, customers see sales ad more than a mere transaction”

3. Highlight your product’s added value: as already mentioned, one of the questions the customer will ask is ‘what are you offering that the competition does not?’. Therefore, your number one selling point should be the differentiating factor of your company in relation to the competition. If this selling point is a solid one, you will manage to capture new customers and earn the loyalty of current ones.

4. Send the solution, not the product: customers mainly look for solutions to their problems, which is why the best sales pitch is the one that addresses the needs of the customer. With this outlook you will get better results than by attempting to sell a product or service.

Now that you know everything you need to improve your sales pitches, you will be able to strengthen them and increase your transactions. But if you need more information, contact us and we will help you.