Guidelines to improve your customer management from the start

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An adequate customer management does not only help improve the purchasing experience, but also company results. Customer management implies much more than gaining their loyalty: it is a process that is included in the sales strategy to optimize its activity and results. Which is why, in this article, we will offer a few guidelines to improve customer management and to face challenges effectively, and we will discuss the advantages of applying technology to this process.   

Within a company, closing a sale with an existing customer is as important as, or even more important than, generating a new customer. Or at least, it should be. And this conversion process starts before the visit. First impressions are important and, therefore, performing a better pre-visit planning is just as useful as adequately following-up on sales visits. As a result, we will succeed in transforming a lead into a buyer that is satisfied with our company and faithful to our products or services.


What is customer management?

As already said, customer management is related to the purchasing experience, but it goes way beyond that. It involves knowing our target audience, monitoring, measuring and classifying its behavior in order to have all possible details about prospective customers, so that we can offer them personalized experiences. This will not only exponentially increase the possibility of successfully closing a sale, but we will also succeed in gaining the customer’s loyalty in such a way that he becomes an opinion leader in favor of our brand.

In order to attain this all-encompassing knowledge, we must extract as much information as possible from each consumer, store it and analyze it so that we can have useful data quickly, anytime, anywhere.


How to optimize customer management from the start

Even though each customer is unique and his purchasing process will differ, there are a series of guidelines that will help you optimize customer management from the start:

  • Know your leads

How can you serve your consumers properly if you do not know them? Pay attention to their tastes, problems, needs and objections and collect all valuable data. All of this will give you an idea of how to accommodate your leads and how to offer them the solutions that satisfy them the most. This will generate a bond of trust and improve our brand image.


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  • Obtain the right information at the right time:

Collection of valuable data is not achieved just by observing and asking our target audience (even though it is an important part of the process). It is also essential to report data at the right time.

The sales team that has an automated reporting system that is permanently connected will be capable of making reports on the visits even as they are taking place. Onsite reporting will make it easier to obtain the right information, at the right time and at the right place, increasing the profitability of the sales efforts.  

  • Analyze data:

Analyzing and classifying data for each visit is another good practice of customer management. Why? Because analyzing variables and classifying data will allow you to segment customers based on different criteria and phases of the strategy, as well as draw conclusions from the statistics and improve the decision making process.

Obtaining and analyzing data are two paramount actions to find out what our consumers’ concerns are, what they want or need, and when the best time to offer it to them is. It will also be useful to set goals, check what is working and monitor KPIs, and accomplish goals.

  • Personalize interactions

Once we understand how our users are we need to show this to them. With this in mind, strengthening the pre-visit planning process and having all the information about a customer on hand before the meeting will be of great help. In this way, we will be able to personalize our contact and interactions with each customer, knowing how we can help address his inquiries and how to offer unique, custom-tailored solutions (e.g., by means of specific offers, cross-selling and even personalized catalogs, among others).

  • Have a good CRM:

As we have discussed, knowing our leads is the key to optimizing the sales follow-up process. Having a mobile CRM program and a customer management app that adapt to the needs of our sales force and focus on users will be of great help, not only to improve the service and meetings, and to track sales visits, but also to streamline sales efforts and strengthen business results.


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Benefits of implementing a customer management software

Sales quality is a synonym of a perfect service and of the purchasing experience. We need to close sales, true, but even more than that, we need our buyers to be satisfied with our products or services and, above all, with our customer care.

New technologies and sales apps are constantly being updated toward this goal. Buying a software that offers sales management and supports sales tracking, such as inaCátalog, will imply a number of benefits for our sales and marketing departments, as well as a number of competitive advantages in relation to customer management:

  • Full information control, permanent access to data and its centralization.
  • Time optimization as a result of eliminating administrative tasks, monitoring sales tasks and thanks to the geolocation system, which plots recommended routes.
  • Reporting system fine tuning thanks to the addition of sales reporting templates and the ability to make reports from anywhere and at any time.
  • Improved internal communication and synergy between the marketing and sales departments, by having a tool that is useful for both teams, from which they all can draw relevant conclusions for strategic purposes.
  • Lead management progress. inaCátalog’s client records allow the user to detect in which phase of the purchase each customer sits and when the right time to close a sale is.
  • Shortening of the sales cycle for complex products.


These and other benefits can be obtained thanks to a sales and Mobile CRM application such as inaCátalog, which takes advantage of mobility in order to shorten response times and streamline the flow of information. The result is an improvement in sales management and a significant boost to the sales force, which is provided with a tool that allows it to effectively manage customers and enhance all sales processes.

Do you want to know more about how inaCátalog works? Ask for a free demo and improve your customer management.