Digital sales: your sales force’s best ally

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With the emergence of new technologies at every level in our lives, we notice that changes are also taking place within companies in every department and at every level – including the sales department. It involves the digitalization process, which is the result of an increasingly competitive market, and the need to adapt to customers that demand faster responses. The solution: embracing digital sales and sales force digitalization.

This digital sales process requires mobile tools that put the sales force front and center, providing advances and features to improve the sales experience and optimize the agent’s work.

As pointed out by the Directivos y Dirigentes platform, the technological adaptation of sales teams succeeds in generating value for users, obtaining useful information for prospecting and managing leads. In addition, technological tools “align marketing and sales departments, personalize customer service and professionalize business calendars.”


Benefits of applying digital sales to my sales force

Applying digital sales to the sales force results in key effects in regard to improving the optimization and efficiency of a sale. The main benefits obtained through the transformation of the sales department are:

  • Collection of key information

    Mobile tools make it easier for salespersons to make reports and collect information. The complex spreadsheet information submission systems are replaced and standard report models can be used, which any salesperson may access and fill out using his mobile device.

  • Enhanced customer experience

    Representatives may carry out personalized visits and offer products and services tailored to the needs and requirements of each user. Furthermore, stock information is always up-to-date and available, which means information requests by prospective customers can be addressed, and sales can be closed much faster. Lastly, the fact that catalogs can be created with the tool itself, and that they are interactive, facilitates the salesperson’s daily visits, offering more attractive presentations and having the entire range of products in a single device to show it on the fly.

  • Strategic sale 

    Having digital sales means information regarding promotions and discounts, fees, related products, product cross-selling and others are available at all times; as a result, prescriptive sales and cross-selling techniques are much easier to apply successfully.

  • Increased efficiency and productivity

    Mobile tools allow for an easy management and organization of the sales network, as well as an easier monitoring of the business calendar and KPIs. All data in a single place and just a click away, for salespersons to be able to access it and prepare for each visit effectively.

  • Data analysis to improve decision making 

    Orders, reports and all sales operations will be automatically integrated. In addition to saving time by eliminating administrative tasks, this allows for an analysis of metrics and use of this information to facilitate decision making based on data. Business intelligence at the service of your company.





Results of using mobile tools during sales

  • As we have seen, the benefits of applying digital sales to your sales force are many. In fact, the results of digital selling and the addition of a Mobile CRM such as inaCátalog can be seen from year one. Here we bring you some data collected from our successful implementations:

  • Increased sales volume 

    The latest results show that companies of the pharmaceutical sector that implement inaCátalog have managed to increase their sales volume by 176.07% in the first year, and up to 137.20% in the following two years.

  • Unification of orders and error prevention

    The processes performed by any salesperson, regardless of his location, are submitted to the central server and managed much faster. And with no margin of error, because the agent submits the order during the visit itself and reviews the information with the customer first.


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  • Perfecting the pre-visit planning 

    Managers point out that one of the aspects that shows the best results when using inaCátalog is pre-visit planning. This is because the client’s information history is available in a single platform, where all details obtained during every interaction can be found.

  • Improvements in competitiveness and innovation

    Relying on a tool that is constantly being updated and adapted is the best way to digitalize the sales force, since they at all times have the best and most cutting-edge technologies. This means not only succeeding in being an innovative company, but also being more competent in our sector.


Phases of sales transformation

According to the Expansión newspaper, there are 3 key steps in the process of digitalization of the entire company and the sales department:

  • Beginning

    In order to overcome this phase several steps need to be undertaken: comprehension and knowledge of the target audience, internal analysis of resources and capabilities to adapt to digitalization, and lastly, design of a technological strategy based on business goals.

    During this stage, experts state that, when digitalizing a company, it is necessary to “completely rethink the offer of products and services, thinking what it is the user needs the most,” in addition to finding more efficient models of action.

  • Execution

    Once the resources are analyzed and the strategy is laid out, it is the time to create plans of action. Specifically, these tactics should involve four fronts: customer-centered actions, talent development, creation of a digital culture and technology management.

  • Optimization

    The last stage is optimization, where the goal is to design future service, identity and corporate culture optimization operations, as well as identify those areas and employees that may be drivers of that change.


Business accomplishments and market adaptation depend for the most part on the proper use of the technology at your disposal. In this regard, Mobile CRM tools and sales apps facilitate monitoring and automation of sales processes. In addition, they allow for a proper metric monitoring to understand which strategies are being effective, what is failing, and to have greater room to act when compared to traditional offline customer relationship management systems.

The features offered by tools such as inaCátalog allow you to easily adapt to digital sales and collect useful information that will not only make the salespersons’ day-to-day easier and allow them to be more independent and efficient, but data centralization will be the best ally to your company’s directors and managers.