Customer Management: Mobile CRM trends for 2018

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CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is one of the applications that has never ceased to evolve during the last few years. Its implementation and use is very important, since the relationship that a company has with its customers makes the difference. Therefore, in order to build new relationships and to strengthen existing ones, CRM tools have increasingly evolved with the passage of time. In this post we will specifically discuss the Mobile CRM trends that will prevail in 2018.

Before delving into them, let’s remember what Customer Relationship Management is. Even though there is no universal definition for CRM, it can be said that it is a consumer-focused business strategy. It is based on knowing the customers and the experiences with them, and it tries to understand, foresee and respond to their needs and those of prospective customers. The goal of this methodology is to increase the value of the customer-company relationship.

On the other hand, the term also relates to CRM software, which is to say, computer systems created to help organise and describe relationships with consumers.

As a result, the professional definition of CRM could be a “marketing strategy whose goal is to work for the customer, managing all data inputs and outputs through platforms or applications that are integrated with marketing and business management systems”.


CRM software functionalities

The main purpose of CRM computer systems is helping to improve customer service and their relationship with the company, but it also offers companies another set of functionalities:

  • Administrating prospective customer data.
  • Managing and segmenting existing customers based on several variables (behavioural, geographic…).
  • Understand consumer needs in order to foresee and handle them.
  • Build loyalty.
  • Facilitate marketing reporting actions.
  • Automate business processes so they are related to the customer.
  • Increase sales.

Among the Customer Relationship Management variants, mobile CRM is the one that has become more widespread in companies during the last few years, with the goal of improving the relationship with customers on each sales visit and making each sales experience unique and personalised.

There are currently three types of mobile CRM solutions

  • Applications for smartphones and tablets (CRM Tablet).
  • Access to data through an Internet connection from a standard browser.
  • Data duplication for offline use.

Multichannel marketing, traceability of business actions and mobility are three of the main factors based on which companies opt for a specific software, since mobile CRM increases the efficiency of sales teams.

Overall, and due to the constant evolution of systems, focuses are increasingly developing with the goal of becoming more effective and competitive.

 Mobile CRM trends


Mobile CRM trends for 2018


  • The future in the present: from trend to must

Mobile CRM trends proclaim that it's more important than ever, since users increasingly demand a higher attention and interaction. A tool that is especially useful for sellers, who need to travel continually and who will be able to easily access their customers’ data, geolocation, on-site order management, organiser,  sale KPIs…

Companies are aware that these mobility solutions boost the efficiency of their marketing and sales teams and save them time and expenses. Marketing and sales tools and the use of CRM Tablet allow for knowing and anticipating consumer behaviour. They contain key information that may be accessed at any time and allows of onsite reporting. All of the above has allowed them not only to become a trend, but a real and necessary solution to achieve business success.

  • Concern over optimisation

Mobile CRM is focused on improving usability and optimising times (this is particularly important in business mobility). With this in mind, one of the main CRM trends of 2018 will be to create increasingly intuitive tools.

In this regard, having all the information a click away will improve both the sales visit and the sales experience as perceived by the customer, who will receive a personalised, faster and interactive service.

  • Connectivity will also be offline

One of the main issues with mobile CRM systems is coverage. Losing connection with our product catalogue in the middle of a visit can be catastrophic and may even affect the relationship we have built with our customer.

Companies are already working on solving and plan for this situation with systems that combine online and offline connection to always have the information available without depending on the internet. The result will be a constant functioning, faster work and independence.

  • In more devices by the day

Such is the importance attained by mobile CRM during the last few years, that new systems emerge by the day for all kinds of devices.

A clear example that stands out from the rest of CRM trends are wearables (smart watches, wristbands…) that imply a step further in the application of mobility. In 2018 we will see a greater use of these devices both by customers and by sales teams.

  • Innovation and integration

Digitalisation of companies and their processes is nothing new, but this trend has evolved into a concern over standing out from the competition. Which is why we find ourselves in a continuous process of business innovation. Companies increasingly demand more specific solutions and, above all, that they can accommodate other software tools such as ERPs.

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Advantages of using mobile CRM tools

All of these CRM trends and advances will allow for a clear differentiation between companies that apply them and those that do not. But we should not give in to the false idea software does all of this on its own. It is important to keep in mind that in order to achieve business goals we need to use and manage the data we have productively, combining them with operational, analytic and supporting data which provides your team the necessary tools to offer consumers the best possible experience.

If you take good advantage of mobile customer management tools, your business will be able to obtain a series of competitive advantages in relation to the competition. The main ones are:

  • Optimised order management: the sales team will be able to have the entire product catalogue and updated relevant information (stock, promotions, sizes…) just a click away during the entire sales process.
  • Improved customer experience: the fact of having information that is updated in real time enables the company to meet customer needs. The fact of having customer records will help improve their relationship with the agent.
  • Effective and advanced sales:technology allows for selling faster and complementing sales with techniques such as upselling or cross-selling, as well as offer promotions or special prices.
  • On-site reporting:query and analysis at the central offices with reports that include all of the visit’s information (time, place, type of action and report contents). From the management of visits at fairs, trade marketing, quality surveys, incidents…
  • Increased productivity: all of these features in conjunction with a reduction in visit times and costs will translate into an increased efficiency and productivity for the team.

Mobile CRM tools are a reality that many teams are already applying. Which is why, if you want to strengthen the relationship with your customers and make the most out of the information you possess (or collect more data about your prospective audience), this technology can be your best ally.

At inaCátalog we work to include the best features and tools on each new version of our CRM tablet. Always improving, always growing alongside technologies and adapting them to your business needs and those of your customers. 

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