CRM online or offline CRM: streamline your sales force

CRM online or offline CRM. A choice faced by many sales teams nowadays. Since the onset of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications in the 1980s and the development of enterprise databases, systems have changed significantly, and have diversified. As we will see in this article, an adequate selection of the best CRM software and the need to include mobile customer relationship management applications may greatly impact your business.

Even though the CRM market is one of the most mature and developed in the technological world, in Spain, with the exception of the ICT sector, it has not been as widespread as in other countries. However, starting 2016 and in 2017, this trend seems to have changed, mainly driven by cloud CRM, mobile CRM and social CRM solutions, which entered the technological landscape in 2013 to enable access to data anywhere and throw any mobile device.

CRM apps are a real necessity for companies, since current business strategies focus on customers and the relationship with them. In this regard, technology becomes a great ally to manage and enrich the relationship with our consumers, and the information we collect from them in relation to our commercial strategy. 

Do you want to know what mobile CRM can do for your company? Learn about the differences between CRM online or offline CRM.


CRM online or offline CRM: more than a management tool

When selecting CRM tools for our company, factors like customisation, price and technical support are key to decide for one or the other. However, we are forgetting about a key aspect: what is the use our employees will give to it?

The answer to that matter tends to be discouraging in many cases: employees do not take advantage of the program’s full potential and we do not accomplish our expectations. In order to prevent the CRM solutions from becoming a simple administrative tool, it is necessary for each worker to be fully aware and committed to the use of the application. And the best way for employees to use it is to transfer it to commonly used devices: mobiles and tablets.


Data supports the transition to mobile solutions

According to a study by the North American Clinchpad company, the high cost of implementing a CRM offline makes many companies opt for a mobile application. Among others, the differences between CRM online or offline CRM imply:

  • Fast implementation: the study shows that implementing a offline CRM takes between 1 and 6 months. Why so much? Mainly due to a lack of training, a slow adoption by workers, excess of data and the software’s complexity.
  • Result obtainment: obtaining a good ROI for a traditional CRM takes 3 to 5 years. With a CRM online, which is tailored to the needs of each team and used on devices that are familiar to them, implementation times can be reduced and the productivity of our workforce may be increased by up to 15%. In addition, according to a report by Innoppl Technologies, 65% of sales personnel who work with CRM mobile have reached their sales quota, a number that is cut back to 22% for teams that do not use one.
  • Cost reduction: United States companies spend nearly 12 billion dollars a year in traditional CRMs, out of which 5.6 billion are lost to their adoption and the lack of use by employees. With a CRM online, whose implementation is simpler and takes less resources, that amount could be reduced significantly.
  • Access anytime, anywhere: it is no longer necessary to get to the office or home to connect with a computer and access information. CRM tablet tools such as inaCátalog allow the management of databases, product catalogues and updated relevant information throughout the entire sales process. Important data just a few click away even when offline.
  • System evolution and customisation: in such an ever-changing world in which clients increasingly demand a greater interaction and a more personalised experience, the capability to adapt to these changes rapidly may determine the success or failure of our sales team. Which is why mobile customer relationship management solutions are the best choice, since they are in a process of constant evolution and adaptation both to companies and their customers.

CRM online means shorten times for your sales team


Streamline your sales team with inaCátalog’s CRM tablet 

The differences mentioned above translate not only into benefits for your company in the mid-long term, but also into a series of competitive advantages and possibilities that will make the day-to-day of your sales force much simpler. The inaCátalog mobility tool offers all of these CRM features.

  • Optimisation of sales routes

Use of devices’ geolocation system allows for easily finding customers and establishing a route for the seller before the start of his day.

  • Speedy access to information and greater autonomy for our sales force

As already mentioned, using a CRM Tablet our sales personnel has access to all the information on the lead just a click away. They can therefore better prepare for visits and have any piece of data that may help them steer the sales process.

On the other hand, during the visit, additional brochures or catalogues will not be necessary. Your sales personnel will have all the products, their characteristics, their graphical supporting material and their availability on their tablet, without depending on central offices for a real-time stock update, increasing their autonomy and allowing them to close and report sales on-site.

  • Data synchronisation and real-time analysis

Reports are essential to attain a comprehensive, effective and organised sales tracking. As we have mentioned above, mobile customer relationship management tools allow for reporting anywhere and at any time, thereby obtaining a higher-quality feedback.

Additionally, data synchronisation enables central offices to query and analyse the information, saving time and resources and facilitating the decision process.

  • Sales process simplification

The use of mobile technologies and automation tools will be useful to streamline sales, simplify the sales process of a complex product and obtain higher profitability and growth for your business.

  • Strengthen the relationship with your customers

As we have already seen, current-day corporate strategy is based on customer relationships. With this in mind, mobile Customer Relationship Management applications help us improve our customers’ experience, offering detailed information about their needs and allowing for comprehensive analyses to optimise decision making.

There is currently a wide selection of software, which is why it is very important to choose a good tool, easy to handle but at the same time complete and tailored to the real needs of our sales force. In order to accomplish this, at inaCátalog we include the best features on every version of our CRM tablet.

Ask for a free trial and strengthen the relationship with your customers through inaCátalog.