BYOD, a technological phenomenon

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Lately there’s a new concept in the technology and computing sector that is having great media impact. We have been hearing it from the gurus of the profession in their presentations, and reading it for a while in the sector publications. We can say that it is a fact that the BYOD culture it is a phenomenon.

The BYOD initials mean “Bring your own device”. It means that the employees can take advantage of their smartphones by using them to bring in them the information and professional tools they need to work.

Thanks to the smartphones functionalities, and the impact of tablets’ introduction which its big data storage, connectivity and a practical design & structure for the professional programs, it has made possible the emerge of a new corporate culture that the experts predict will redefine the professional working methodology.

Adapting the employees’ devices for a professional purpose provides great opportunities in: increasing efficiency, relaxation of workday, whole mobility to work from anywhere…. And additionally, costs savings (that is not yet quantified) that may be significant.

In particular for the computing sector, the BYOD phenomenon introduces a big challenge: how to manage and properly monitor the information to which the employees will have access.

Taking profit from these powerful tools that we can carry in our pocket, suitcase or bag, for the work environment might be major step forward to productivity increase and professional motivation in corporations, but that could mean big problems if confidential information is not properly managed.

inaCátalog, our business to business sales mobility tool has been created to solve the challenges from the adoption of the BYOD culture. We provide our customers with essential tools for controlling the information that has been given to employees. Some security measures that inaCátalog offers are: control of the access to information that each employee has (depending on position, job functions…)  remote program blocking for the robbery of corporate devices, forced data actualization to assure commercials have the latest information…

In Inase we work hard everyday to give the best and newest service to our customers with the highest security level. Due to it we are more than 20 years dedicated to the corporate mobility solutions for businesses; and now with inaCátalog, we are also enlisted in the mobility solutions service with a different approach: the BYOD concept

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