Business Intelligence: planning at the service of your sales force

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Improving business processes within the company is one of the greatest concerns of its executives and management teams. If not properly organized, the actions of the sales force itself may affect its performance and, consequently, goal accomplishment. In order to prevent this, planning the teams activities using sales tools that offer business intelligence will be allow for the adoption of a more efficient methodology and providing teams with the best tools and procedures to close sales.

According to the Data Warehouse Institute, Business Intelligence is “the combination of technology, tools and processes that enable the transformation of stored data into information, this information into knowledge, and this knowledge into a business plan or strategy.” It is therefore not a technology as such, but rather a set of information systems.

The use of these systems allows data to be turned into effective actions to generate a competitive advantage for a business. Among them we can find data querying and reporting tools such as inaCátalog, which allow for solving sales team problems and enable a better strategic planning for their entire activity.

These applications foster a more efficient real-time customer data management. As a result, not only is key information obtained at the right time, but these bits of data are used more effectively to make strategic decisions.

How business intelligence helps the sales team

Process automation and business intelligence help solve a set of common problems in sales strategies: order automation, sales offer management, customer vision, stock control, etc. Taking advantage of useful information is a great resource both for improving sales KPIs or productivity, and to:

  • Improve the pre-visit planning: sales teams have the client’s history at all times, which enables them to perform a better pre-visit planning based on his tastes, needs, or even his interaction with catalogs in previous visits.
  • Facilitate prescriptive sales: offering products to the customer and suggesting solutions that are the best fit for him. This results in a type of sale that is more enjoyable and improves the buying experience and the relationship with the consumer, who sees his problems understood and solved effectively.
  • Increase cross-selling and upselling: being able to offer solutions that are really tailored to the customer helps the seller suggest related products and apply better upselling and cross-selling techniques.
  • Automate orders or reports related to the sales action without the need for additional administrative tasks, and with real-time data updating.
  • Deal with objections: the possibility to make onsite sales reports makes it easier for all kinds of details to be reported, including customer objections. This results in great opportunities for our business, since objections offer high-value information to get a better grasp of our consumers’ concerns and tastes.

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  • Perform an optimal tracking of visit types: planning visits is essential to efficiently manage the sales schedule and obtain optimal results. With inaCátalog it is possible to view all types of customers in different colors for fast identification. In addition, additional customer information may be accessed by clicking on the label at his location on the map.

In addition to all of these advantages, inaCátalog allows for an automated synchronization of all data with the company’s ERP, so the exchange of data is automated and unassisted. The fact that salespersons have a sales Mobile CRM tool that is fully integrated with the company’s system at their disposal will imply a significant boost in sales performance.

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Business intelligence means data


Business advantages of adopting an automation tool

As we have seen, the benefits for the sales team of using an app that allows for automating sales network processes are many. These features translate not only into an optimization of our sales force, but also into a series of competitive advantages for the company:

  • Cost reductions: mobile tools get rid of large quantities of information on paper and unify it in a single platform, which implies cost savings in materials and comfort for agents.
  • Increased productivity: salespersons have useful information at the moment of the sale and can perform the sale itself on-site, avoiding calls to the central offices and allowing for a greater number of visits per day. And not only that – as we have seen, visits and pre-visit planning also have a higher quality, and as a result, the chances of successfully closing a sale increase considerably.
  • Sales work monitoring: real-time business intelligence registers every movement and associates it with a specific moment, terminal and user. It is therefore easier to analyze data collected by agents and their devices, visualize them in statistics and properly managing results. Tracking also improves thanks to onsite reports, which guarantee a strict, effective and organized sales tracking. Through the use of process automation tools reports can be made anywhere and at any time, obtaining better feedback.

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Report analysis as a customer relationship booster

Effectively managing the portfolio of clients and consumer databases is paramount to improve the relationship with them. Improving the obtainment of customers and their conversion through the application of segmentation, optimizing customer service and identifying and nurturing those with greater potential are some of the capabilities offered by the analysis of the portfolio and business intelligence.

Knowing the tastes and needs of our users and not simply adapt to, but anticipate, them, offering a custom-tailored and interactive sales experience and providing them with all the information they may require are some of the goals you will be able to accomplish with inaCátalog.