Advantages of measuring sales and marketing traceability


Companies that start growing in size also need to deal with a recurring problem: the loss of information. The more processes they need to perform, the more data they need to store, and the higher the number of sales. Therefore, it becomes increasingly necessary to set up a traceability system that prevents data loss. In order to address this issue, it is recommended to implement sales traceability measuring tools, which will help improve business intelligence and decision making across various company levels. Do you want to know its advantages? Keep reading.

If your business has a sales and marketing strategy in place, with well-defined schedules and goals and an adequate methodology, you are doing your job right. But that is not enough. Implementing a plan of action is as important as knowing how to correctly measure results. Only then will we know whether that work is offering expected results or if the strategy needs to change.

What is sales traceability?

According to the Emprendedores magazine, product traceability consists of a “set of measures, actions and procedures that allow for the tracking and identification of each product from its origin to its final destination.” Originally, the term applied to products of the agri-food sector, but in time it has spread to all sectors and business realms –sales and marketing departments included.

Therefore, sales and marketing traceability would involve the tracking of promotional material and advertisements and the measurement of their impact in real-time. It can be used to detect and optimize marketing ads and actions, tailoring them to the customers’ needs and responses. In summary, the data obtained is useful to learn whether the business strategy is working or not and, when applicable, revise it in a timely manner.

In this regard, the ability to collect real-time information and being aware of sales agent routes, making onsite reports and exporting data to every device in order to have them always available and synchronized with the central offices, will make it easier to perform that item analysis and to make the right decision when facing new campaigns.


Advantages of measuring sales traceability with inaCátalog

Measuring sales traceability allows marketing and sales teams to optimally coordinate their efforts in order to accomplish the goals of both departments. In addition to providing information on marketing campaigns and sales force activities, inaCátalog allows for the evaluation of the entire customer service traceability. This includes:

  • Knowing which marketing advertisements are more attractive to consumers. We can know what marketing material salespersons show on each visit to learn which are working better per segment and revise them.
  • Drawing conclusions based on user behavior. Thanks to data obtained from tracing sales visits we can analyze customers based on characteristics (such as age, gender…), their tastes and their behavior.
  • Knowing the state of KPIs or conversions. Knowing whether goals are being accomplished and which actions are working toward them. Measuring the traceability is useful when monitoring KPIs and conversions, to redefine the strategy when necessary.
  • Time optimization. Given that sales and marketing departments work in a coordinated but independent manner, a duplication of administrative tasks is prevented and efforts are focused on accomplishing common goals. In addition, the digitalization of marketing material allows for a greater margin to adapt, employing less time and money.
  • Improved decision making. As we have already discussed, data is the key of business intelligence and of a strategic decision-making that is based on analysis and experience.
  • Error prevention and a greater room to act. Knowing all the information makes it easier to detect errors in time to correct them faster, in addition to knowing where the problem lies exactly.
  • Design of future strategies. Information and data analysis will be useful when designing future strategies targeted at consumers, implementing well-defined goals and actions.



Benefits of using sales applications or traceability software

Sales force tools such as inaCátalog offer data analysis and facilitate the collection of strategic information. These applications, which include traceability features, offer a number of benefits which enable cost reductions and the optimization of sales and marketing activities:

  • Attractive information

Printed catalogs disappear and are substituted by interactive, attractive and intuitive elements. The presentation of products and customer services through the use of mobile systems (tablets) is much more eye-catching and gets customers more engaged.

  • Personalization and experience

These applications provide access to client records before each appointment; as a result, sales teams can carry out a much better pre-visit planning and can make personalized visits. This personalization, in combination with the interaction offered by a sales app, translate into a better purchasing experience and company-customer relationship.

  • Integration and easy access

Systems allow for the storage of all information and access to it anytime, anywhere. In the case of inaCátalog, its data integration system is automated, which means its contents are constantly being updated and that it is in constant operation, since its on/off-line system guarantees the app will work no matter where you are.

  • Mobility and independence

Sales representatives have all stock information just a click away, providing them with greater independence from the central offices.

  • Innovation:

All of these benefits are multiplied with a sales application that is constantly updated and adapted to company needs, always with the sights set on sales and marketing innovation through the application of the most advanced technology, and a less costly implementation.


Information as a competitive advantage

In order for traceability to help improve marketing and sales strategies, it is paramount to create and optimize marketing materials and take advantage of sales traceability tools to more effectively trace consumer actions and responses.

When the marketing department has this valuable user information at its disposal – that only salespersons can collect –, both teams optimize their efforts and accomplish goals hand in hand.

In this, technology and mobile tools play a major role. But knowing how to take advantage of them is as important as having them. In this regard, inaCátalog is a tool that is easy to use and highly intuitive. The result? Increased productivity and an improvement in sales and marketing performance at every level.