Advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing at enterprise


We hear a lot about "cloud" or "cloud computing" lately. Do we really know what it is? And more importantly, do we know the risks? We have this clear and for this reason we work locally for inaCátalog, our application for sales teams management.

When speaking about cloud computing means that we can access to files placed via Internet as well as use applications or programs based on "cloud computing". Advantages are clear: we know all those applications are usually cheaper and allow online access from anywhere. However, when we are talking about our company, our work and effort, confidential information, etc. there are more important issues that we must consider.


Working "at home" means having control over our files, while if we do it at the cloud, we will not be sure of having 100% protection. We have recently seen a case of personal information that came to light, such as photographs of famous actresses (Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba for example). If personal situation may affect us, at enterprise level the impact is even higher.

It is true that a computer can be hacked, but it is also true that it's easier to hack the cloud because it's more attractive to them (there is more information on it).


We all know that law is different in each country and "cloud" servers can also be anywhere. Therefore, it is logical to any questions arise: what law is applied to each case, how law protects you in every country...


It's a key issue for any business, so having this point controlled is vital: to review terms and make sure we are the owners of stored information is really important.

Strong dependence

One of the logical consequences of working on a cloud computing system is the need to work online. This means our services depend at all times on excellent connections.

Another logical consequence is that we have access to our data but do not have them actually: they are in possession of others. This leads to uncertainty and dependence, since we do not know what can happen with that company in the future.

Our recommendation? Use the "cloud" and take their advantages for not important data. And because your customers are the most important issue, inaCátalog is a mobility tool for sales force that allows you to:

-Work locally, you have everything "at home"

-Works offline, you get access from anywhere

This is how we guarantee maximum security and control of your business, products, customers and data.

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By inaCátalog's team.